New Visitors

If you're unfamiliar with the Orthodox Christian Church there are some things you need to know about attending:

• Anyone is welcome to attend

• We do not practice open communion, which means you must be baptized as an Eastern Orthodox Christian to receive Holy Communion. The reception of Holy Communion is so serious that even those who are baptized within our tradition must also prepare themselves through regular confession, fasting and prayer. 

• Anyone may receive the blessed bread from the Priest at the conclusion of the service. 

• If you're visiting today please introduce yourself to Fr. Constantine and be sure to receive a welcome packet!


For more information on what you might see when you join us for worship you may listen to the following series of 3 podcasts by the wife of an Orthodox Christian Priest here: 

First Visit to an Orthodox Church pt. I

First Visit to an Orthodox Church pt. II

First Visit to an Orthodox Church pt. III


You may also view this brief video for some explanation on what to anticipate upon visiting our church:


Join us for worship or call the church to schedule a tour and speak with Fr. Constantine!